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karoo_images While the National Planning Commission believes fracking will cause less pollution than agriculture, Texas is counting the cost.

It was in a recent meeting in East London, that I listened with astonishment to Commissioner Mike Muller of the NPC state that fracking would cause less pollution than agriculture. My interest was further roused when Muller said that there had been two million wells drilled with not one case of contamination proven – in a court of law. The statements of Mr. Muller are seriously concerning. If these are indeed the view of the NPC, it reveals, in my opinion a substantial lack of understanding of the technology of shale gas mining. This view is logically translated into the white papers periodically submitted to our President by a select body of people – a document on which President Zuma presumably bases his decisions on how to further the sustainable development of our country. In the light of this incorrect and seriously concerning information, how can our government possibly claim to have appropriately researched shale gas mining?

The same meeting yielded another startling statement – from Shell representative Bob Govender – who claimed, within the context of the illiteracy of South Africans – that ‘even if there were a million jobs available [from fracking] no South Africans would qualify.’ [for jobs on the rigs].

The message for Shell and the proponents of fracking in South Africa is ”Go and do your homework properly, and make sure that you understand the meaning of the word ‘sustainable’, in the context of shale gas mining in South Africa.”

Jonathan Deal

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