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karoo_images Anyone following the global activities of big oil and gas, will be familiar with the ad nauseum claims of ‘open, honest, transparent’ liberally sprinkled with the favoured epithet ‘we care about the community.’ First hand experience in a hard-fought campaign against shale gas mining in South Africa has taught us that the industry must be put to the proof of their claims at every opportunity. The publication of a list developed in the United States by the Pennsylvannia Alliance for Clean Water and Air, lays waste to industry statements of no problems from fracking.

The ‘proof’ of these claims – in court, against corporations with billions of dollars to stretch legal proceedings until the plaintiff’s money is exhausted – is another matter. The fact remains that ordinary people, including those employed by oil and gas majors, have a sense of when the truth is being told, and when facts are twisted to suit profit objectives.
‘List of the harmed’ details 756 families impacted by shale gas mining. It challenges the hollow assurances of the oil and gas industry and should be a clarion call for sensible persons the world over, to oppose ‘extreme energy’. (read more about extreme energy at

Jonathan Deal

University of Colorado releases study confirming that 55% of ozone pollution originates from oil & gas operations
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Shell wins public shame award for "greed for profit and environmental sins"
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