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karoo_images Bulgaria permanently bans fracking used in exploration, revoking Chevron license
Bulgarian parliament voted 166-6 in favour of banning fracking for exploration of shale gas.... read more

American Lung Association expresses concern over fracking air pollution
American Lung Association stated that allowing shale gas drilling in NY will lead to a significant increase in air pollution and health effects... read more

DEP investigating methane contamination of Wyoming wells: Nicholson Township
Regulators found 100% combustible gas in wells: flawed well casings and fracking are likely to be blamed... read more

Methane contamination of two wells: court case
Range Resources will face land owners and the EPA in court after groundwater contamination following fracking operations... read more

Health concerns put shale gas in the spotlight
A range of health professionals, doctors and health organisations have called on government to halt fracking until more is known about the risky process and its effects... read more

Fracking boom is a bust: gas bubble exposed
The New York Times and now Bloomberg have both exposed the fact that the economics of risky and expensive unconventional gas recovery simply don't match up with industry geologists' claims of a "nearly limitless" supply… read more

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