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karoo_images The first ten days of 2013 witnessed the release of additional negative reports relating to shale gas mining (fracking). And as South Africa waits for the Department of Minerals to issue exploration licences, developments in the fracking debate overseas are bolstering calls by South Africans to suspend the licensing process and re-impose the moratorium on fracking.

The oil industry is cleverly playing the money and jobs card – but their figures are easy to dismiss in the light of half-hearted research and public controversy surrounding industry-funded reports in South Africa and abroad.

We at TKAG are not convinced that the economics of shale gas mining stack up in favour of the development. When growth falters politicians panic. They make bad choices. Fracking is a bad choice for South Africa.

Jonathan Deal

Can Shell Oil be trusted to drill in waters of Alaska’s Arctic?
the grounding of Shell’s rig raises new questions – can we trust them in South Africa?
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Irish ire is rising
‘fracking risks remain significant’... read more

Industry insiders changing their minds about fracking
Former Mobil Oil Corp. executive Louis W. Allstadt did not start out as an anti-fracking activist. He had to analyze the issue and then switch sides... read more

Fracking will worsen climate change
US federal officials release new study: “We were expecting to see high methane levels, but I don’t think anybody really comprehended the true magnitude of what we would see.”
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Transparency, honesty and openness?
Pro-Fracking report slated... read more

The long-awaited review of a controversial study
on the drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” was released today [December 6 2012] - head author of the study, Dr. Charles “Chip” Groat, has retired in the wake of the controversy, and the head of the Energy Institute that released it, Dr. Raymond Orbach, has resigned as head of the Institute. Cornell Prof. Anthony Ingraffea warns that fracking should be stopped before it starts... read more


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