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Karoo walk update and photos read about the journey and the experiences of the Karoo walkers and their quest...

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More problems for Shell in America - fracking contamination and homes evacuated

Bubbling streams, a 30 foot methane and water geyser, potential groundwater contamination, methane plumes and a farmer concerned for the safety of his livestock, read more about it... read more, read more, read more and read more

Chesapeake to pay $1.6 million in damages to families with contaminated groundwater from fracking... read more and read more

Anything but the truth - frackers disclose only 43% of chemicals pumped into ground... read more

Fracking gas and Fluids can migrate - Methane plumes detected near fracking wells
"One larger plume substantially increased in size over a few hours, which suggests large amounts of methane were being emitted into the air. A smaller plume was also detected about 2 miles west of the larger one. The data and observations suggest natural gas has spread through an extensive underground area beyond where the plumes were found"... read more

Toxic fracking waste dumped into deep wells with thousands of violations:
"In 2010, tests nationwide in waste disposal wells found more than 7,500 violations. In Texas - one violation was issued for every three waste wells examined in 2010"... read more
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