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  Your vote on May 7 can play a role in fracking SA (or not).

Here is a list compiled by TKAG, of where various political parties stand on fracking. It is based on what we have been able to glean from political media statements or from the parties directly.

The position is quite simple: although on the face of it, fracking is claimed to create sustainable jobs, supply energy, generate revenue for the country and assist with the reduction of carbon emissions; the sustainability and impact of each of these claims is unproven and on a daily basis, more convincingly challenged in other countries.

The pig-headed determination of the government to push fracking into South Africa on the basis of the party’s current understanding of the technology and its impact on South Africa, is ill-considered and will certainly involve the government in concurrent legal challenges – at the cost of the South African taxpayer.

This state of affairs should not be rewarded with your vote.

  Top Canadian scientists urge caution over fracking...
In a 260-page study released last week, the expert panel concluded that there simply isn’t enough known about the impacts of hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – to declare it safe, and that key elements of the provinces’ regulatory systems “are not based on strong science and remain untested” while there is virtually no federal regulation... read more and read more
  Family plagued with health impacts wins $2.9 million fracking lawsuit...
When the Parr family started having serious health problems late in 2008, they had no idea it was associated with what they call "a multitude" of drilling operations that popped up near their 40-acre ranch in Decatur, 60 miles northwest of Dallas...
read more

Fracking and wastewater disposal labelled as seismic hazards...
“This demonstrates there is a significant hazard,” said Justin Rubinstein, a research geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey. “We need to address ongoing seismicity.” read more

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