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karoo_images Shell’s shale gas propaganda - a clear and present danger

Two years down the line in a campaign to keep fracking out of South Africa, I thought that I had seen all of the tricks that Shell could possibly use. A letter posted in the Daily Dispatch newspaper (East London) 23 February, by Shell SA really pushed the boundaries.

Cleverly, Mr. Jan-Willem Eggink, waxes lyrical about the evolution of the human species, from hunter-gatherers to modern man. Extoling the virtues of man’s technological prowess, Eggink laments that so many people in South Africa are without electricity. And of course how concerned Shell is by this state of affairs. The propaganda machine then turns westward towards the United States, where cherry-picked data and figures are applied to bolster sweeping statements about ‘energy independence’, millions of jobs, and how Shell is focused on the future – presumably for the good of mankind. Labeling technological progress as being spawned in the ‘crucible of innovation’, Eggink neatly links Shell as one of only two energy companies in the top 50 most innovative organisations in the world. A masterful piece of propaganda – suddenly, Shell is the key to unlocking a vast storehouse of jobs, energy and revenue for South Africa.


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Jonathan Deal

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