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Please enjoy this special edition of the TKAG newsletter, and share it with your friends, colleagues and family. Although we can’t celebrate the reason why TKAG exists, we can celebrate some succusses over the last years and we seize this moment to thank you for your support in a critical campaign.


Here’s a timeline of a few of the milestones that TKAG and its leadership have chalked up:

Our combined efforts have postponed the introduction of shale gas mining by more than three years, providing all South African’s the opportunity to become informed on the topic and to facilitate debate. (It is unfortunate that the government did not make the best of this opportunity and despite promises since 2011, we still have not seen public consultation around the issue).

TKAG has been formally recognised by the US Department of State and the South African Departments of Water and Environmental Affairs. We participate in a group currently working on the development and completion of a Strategic Environmental Assessment of shale gas mining in South Africa. Read more

Our CEO, Jonathan Deal was the recipient for Africa 2013 of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize – the largest prize in of its kind in the World for grassroots environmentalists. Read more

TKAG won our first High Court action against the Department of Minerals in connection with Access to Information. Read more

We had a victory against Royal Dutch Shell too, when The South African Advertising Standards Authority ruled in our favour on 4 counts, and ordered Shell to withdraw their advertisements and pamphlets that were found to be “unsubstantiated and misleading”. Read more

We have held several meetings, talks and events across South Afriac and have informed thousands of South Africans around the issue of fracking.

TKAG won the NPO category of the Mail & Guardian ‘Greening the Future Awards’ in 2012, and was honoured by WESSA (Wildlife & Environment Society of South Africa), Enviropedia as a finalist in the Eco Warrior category of the EcoLogic awards in 2012, the Habitat Council Annual Award in 2012, Jeanie Le Roux was voted as 1 of 200 Young South Africans, and TKAG will be presenting on the panel of Al Gore’s Climate Leadership School in March 2014.

TKAG cemented a critical alliance with AfriForum and is able, as a result of this to make good on promises to oppose illegal and unconstitutional action in connection with the approval of shale gas mining in South Africa. States confirm water pollution from drilling...

As we reach the end of February, there is a window of opportunity for YOU to assist us. Whether you want fracking or not, as a South African we expect you want a legal, fair and constitutional approach to shale gas unlike the government Etoll debacle. Show your commitment to SA by paying it forward with a small donation R50 a month, every month. Empower us to work on your behalf.

Summary of recent developments:

The statements uttered by President Zuma and Minister Shabangu over the last few weeks have left many South Africans and the oil industry players seeking clarity. Minister Shabangu stated that the government will move ahead “decisively, yet responsibly” on fracking. President Zuma mentioned fracking in his State of the Nation Address, claiming that fracking will be a “game changer” for SA. Minister Shabangu published two notices in the government gazette. The notices called for comments on imposing a restriction on accepting new applications for fracking for two years, as well as imposing a restriction on licences that may be granted to not conduct hydraulic fracturing before regulations are finalised..

In practice, this means that she may issue licences to Shell, Bundu and Falcon but restrict them to explore and drill for gas and only commence with fracking operations once the regulations have been finalised. This would in effect provide for licences to be issued soon in 2014. Despite these clear indications that the government is preparing to licence companies to explore for shale gas in 2014, the government has created a minefield of legislative hurdles for themselves that will be very difficult for them to overcome.
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